Building a Better Mousetrap

Building a Better MouseTrap

Hey folks! Yes, I am still here in the blogoshere – sorry I have not been doing much of anything on here lately. Truth is, I have been busy building a better mousetrap!

Same old excuses – busy with life and the YouTube channel! And building a better mousetrap.

What have I been doing on the YouTube channel? Well, I have a problem with mice this year and my regular mouse traps can’t keep up with the number of mice that are trying to take over the cabin so, I made myself a “better mousetrap” that embraces the old school technology.

Have a look at my work here:

If you can, after watching my video about how I went about building a better mousetrap, hit the Subscribe button for my YouTube channel. Honestly, it will not inconvenience you in any way – they don’t send you notifications unless you ask for them, but you subscribing moves me closer to the 1000 subscribers I need to get monetized.

YouTube requires content creators (that’s what I am now) to have 1000 subscribers in order to monetize my YouTube activities. Once I am monetized I can begin earning pennies for all the work I do creating videos.

Just don’t tell my kids because if they know there is money to be made from YouTube content, they will demand a share of the proceeds.