Burger and Fries at Jules Cafe in South Burnaby

Countless times I have driven by Jules Cafe on the corner of Rumble and Royal Oak Ave in south Burnaby. Countless times I have looked in and wished I had time to stop for a taste.

Jules Cafe Sign
Jules Cafe Sign

Today I took the time to stop and have a taste.  Let me say, I was not disappointed by what I found. In fact, I do believe that I have found one of the best burgers in the Metro Vancouver area.

I ordered the Canadian bacon burger with a slice of cheddar cheese and mushrooms. To fill out my order I added the fries and a can of soda combo to my burger.

The burger was excellent; it was just like the kind of burger you would throw on the barbecue in your backyard. A thick, hand-formed burger patty, thick, crispy bacon and big thick slices of ripe tomato  on leafy slices of lettuce.

Jules Cafe Open Burger and Fries
Jules Cafe Open Burger and Fries


While the burger was excellent, the fries were good; a little soggy but very flavourful with their skin on.

For just under $10, this burger, fries and soda is an excellent value meal.

I will definitely be returning to Jules Cafe to sample their sandwich selections, paninis and, when I get the chance, to sample their breakfast menu.


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