Burger Burger in New Westminster

I was traveling through Uptown New Westminster with a couple clients who were lusting for burgers and poutine the other day. Being averse to eating at chain restaurants, we looked for an independent burger joint to fulfill the burger lust. Where else could we go other than the place called Burger Burger?

Probably six months ago, maybe longer, I had been in Burger Burger before. I had the veggie burger, fries and soda combo. It was good. This time my clients and I wanted to try the poutine as well as quench the burger lust.

Burger Burger
Burger Burger

I ordered my usual veggie burger and asked if I could have poutine instead of fries. “Not a problem,” she said.

I also asked if I could have a couple extra pickles on my burger. Funny thing is when I asked about the pickles the lady behind the counter perked right up and told me that she remembered me from the last time I had been in and asked for extra pickles. (That was more than six months ago!) That is part of why I like the independent joint.

We ordered a side of poutine and she added in a plate of fries as well. The fries are hand cut, right there in the store. Always a good sign.

The fries and poutine are great. They are not the best I have ever had (Belgian Fries in the Drive is one of my westcoast poutine favs) but they are very good. They use cheddar and mozzarella on the poutine instead of cheese curds, but what the hay, it is tasty. Anything would be tasty drenched in that much gravy!

The veggie burger is great. It reminds me of the burger I had at Save-on-Meats just before they rolled down the shutters for the final time. You don’t know how the white bread bun holds in all that mess but it somehow does. Someday I will have to cowboy-up and try one of their beef burgers just to say that I have done so.

Don’t go to Burger Burger expecting anything classy. The inside is in dire need of a good scrubbing and the washroom is a frightening sight. But the burgers, fries, poutine and service were great. I will return.

Burger Burger is located at 340 6th Street in New Westminster. You can phone them at 604 525 4229.






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  1. Kelsey Avatar


    We used to cut class and head to Burger Burger for Poutine and burgers in highschool. Glad to hear it still makes a good meal, I was a bit worried you were going to tear a strip of a fave memory of mine 😉