A Beef Burger at Jack’s 

I was told about a restaurant I should try in the Fraser Valley. It is at the intersection where you can turn to go to Agassiz or you can go up to Harrison Hot Springs. 

Seeing as I was driving through the Fraser Valley along the Scenic Hwy 7, I thought why not try a place that serves kangaroo and ostrich burgers?! 

Sadly, I arrived 15 minutes after they had closed the kitchen! The owner told me he used to stay open later but he can’t get staff to work so he has to close earlier than he would like. 

So I went over to Jack’s Restaurant and Steak House in downtown Agassiz and had a good old beef burger. 

It was good. Not great, but good. Perhaps my anticipation of having a kangaroo burger raised my expectations. Whatever, this was a good burger with good flavour. 

The melted cheese kind of got lost in the burger but the double smoked bacon was full of smoky-goodness when I ate it off the burger. 

Again, the fries and onion rings were very good. 

That’s lunch. I need to get out to the Fraser Valley earlier in the day next time to try the kangaroo burger!