Burgers at the Dewdney Pub

My buddy and I were travelling through the very smoky Fraser Valley yesterday in my gasoline powered car (more on that soon) and we needed lunch.

We could’ve stopped at the Mission Springs Brew Pub in Mission or Rocko’s Diner in Mission but we chose to slip out of our usual ways and so made a hard left turn onto River Road in Dewdney and pulled into the Dewdney Pub – also known as the Church of the Blues.

Dewdney Pub

I’m glad we did!

My travel companion and I both had the lunch special – double bacon cheese burgers. The bacon was cooked perfectly crispy and the cheese was melted right onto the obviously hand formed beef patty.

Just the perfect amount of ooey-gooey goodness in the burger.

For a side dish I had a bowl of Manhattan Clam Chowder that was good. Lots of clams.

Funny story; they do have a very limited number of beers on tap and I asked why they didn’t have more local “craft beers”.

Best answer ever; “We don’t have much call for that kind of beer out here. People like Bud, Canadian, and some Pabst. That other stuff…people out here don’t drink that.”

The Dewdney Pub looks a lot like a place you might expect to see the Blues Brother walk into. Great little Pub.

  • The Dewdney Pub is located at 8793 River Road, Dewdney, BC,