Burke Mountain Land Sale

The province of BC is offering up for sale three pretty massive parcels of land in Coquitlam, all located on Burke Mountain. If you are in search of a very large and very private country estate, this might be one of the last opportunities for you to obtain one in Coquitlam.

The fact is though, more than likely development corporations will purchase these parcels of land and hold onto them until they can criss-cross the mountain with roads, sewers and sidewalks and build endless rows of little ticky-tacky houses along the roads (disclosure – I live in a little ticky-tacky house).

I admit I have mixed feelings about the potential development of Burke Mountain. I understand the need for more housing for more people and perhaps it is better to develop steep mountainsides than the low lying farmlands of the Fraser Valley.

The Province of British Columbia is currently offering for sale 236 hectares (584 acres) of undeveloped Crown land located on Burke Mountain in Coquitlam.  The intent of this Notice is to make potential purchasers of these Provincial lands aware of the City of Coquitlam’s community planning policies contained in the Citywide Official Community Plan (CWOCP) and the Northeast Coquitlam Area Plan (NECAP) (and the supporting Neighbourhood Plans) that pertain to these lands. The City’s policies in this regard are intended to guide future land use and development of these lands and highlight the potential environmental and other challenges relating to these lands being offered for sale.

The Province has organized these Crown lands into three Property Groups (see attached map). Information regarding the City’s various plans, land use and environmental considerations has been summarized under each of the three Property Groups below…”