Canada Wins Hockey Gold, 2010 Olympics Closing Ceremonies

Such a crazy busy weekend I barely had time to sit sown at the computer and write anything. It is frustrating when so many things are going on that need to be written about and I only have half an hour in front of the computer.

Yesterday was a morning walk along Spanish Banks and lunch out at Moderne Burger with the girls  (review to follow sometime soon). Today saw the Canadian men’s gold medal winning hockey game. This evening was the closing ceremonies for the 2010 Olympics which included all the weird musical choices.  But the highlight of the weekend for me was 9:30 tonight. Annalie woke up crying. When I went in her room to soothe her she sat up in bed and reached her little arms out to me. Once she was in my arms it was like she melted onto my shoulder. Such a wonderful feeling as she quiets and returns to her peaceful slumber…for another two hours.