What Do Canadians Know About the USA

Canadians often take glee in how ignorant our American neighbours are of all things Canadian. Perhaps the highpoint of our glee in American ignorance of Canadian politics was when a Canadian tv program punked an American president by asking him a question about our Canadian “Prime Minister Poutine”.

However, let’s turn the camera around for a minute and focus on Canadian’s knowledge of all things American. Without googling the following six simple questions, how many of these can you answer:

  1. What are the three American states that border on BC’s southern border?
  2. What are the names of the capital cities of those three states?
  3. Canadian provinces have a Premier as head of state. What do our American neighbours call their head of state?
  4. Can you name one or more of the heads of state of the three American states that are BC’s neighbours?
  5. In BC we have the New Democrats, the BC Liberals, and the Greens (some may disagree with calling the Greens a main political party) as the three main political parties. What are the political parties in our American neighbouring states?
  6. Again in BC we have MLAs – Members of the Legislative Assembly. What do our American neighbours call their government “assembly” and the people who are elected to that assembly?

Six questions. How many can you answer with resorting to Google? To be honest, I cannot correctly answer all six questions.

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