Capers Whole Foods Market Kitsilano

On Sunday me, my Sweetheart and the girls went to our favourite playground in the city, Kits Beach. After countless times up and down the roller slide, the girls needed a bit of lunch so we headed up to Capers Whole Foods Market Kitsilano on Fourth Ave. What a disappointment.

We got a plate with an assortment of foods: mac and cheese, butter chicken, rice, squash fritters and naan bread. Blah. The rice was hard because it was under-cooked or old. I was also told the butter chicken was blah. Just tasteless. The mac and cheese was marginal and the squash fritters were tired. And the naan bread? As hard as a piece of hardtack biscuit. All this for just under eleven bucks.

But perhaps the worst part of the meal were the hipsters who were sitting around the place. These are the guys and gals who are twenty-something and carry a skateboard around with them. They have these pathetic straggly beards and hair that has not seen a comb for a generation (male and female). My Ukranian grandmother had a thicker beard than this loser.

The first one of these guys that I saw I mistook for was a homeless hobo. I tried pressing a toonie into his hand. He was quite taken aback and would not accept my money. I persisted and told him that I felt sorry for him being down on his luck and all. He replied with a “What the fuck dude?!”

I just wish he had taken my toonie and bought himself a razor.

My how Kits has changed since I lived there in the free-wheeling 80s. Back then we were cool and good looking. Not like the deadbeat looking kids nowadays.

The funniest part of the day was when we got back to the car. We had the twins buckled into their seats in the back and right as I turned the key of the car Story says “Uhhh…oh.” I looked to the sidewalk and just burst out laughing!

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