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Durable Goods

Front Porch Step Three

Today was my favourite kind of construction day; a day to wildly swing a sledge hammer and wield a mean pry-bar. Today was the de-construction day of the construction project. However, let me step back a bit to the time before the de-construction began. When I originally went to Sunbury Cedar I bought two 7′ […]

Durable Goods

Front Porch Step Two

Step Two of the front-porch steps rebuild process involved traveling out to Sunbury Cedar on River Road in Delta, BC to get the lumber. There is an interesting observation I have made in this front-porch steps rebuild project so far. Let me back up a minute to explain my observation. I recently bought a little […]

Durable Goods

Front Porch; Step One

The first and most important step in any home renovation job is to go a Big Box Retailer and buy as many massive power tools as you can reasonably rationalize. That was exactly what I did this morning. I went to the local Home Depot and bought myself a cordless drill like device. Next up […]

Durable Goods

Front Porch Stairs Replacement

I am¬†psychologically¬†and emotionally preparing myself for the job of replacing the stairs that lead to the front-door of our home. Although I have never done a job like this before, I’m thinking, how difficult could this be? Really how hard could it be to build a set of stairs? I was a master at Lego […]

Durable Goods

Fairmont Empress Gold; the Rooms

Yesterday I wrote a little thing about my lovely experience with the Fairmont Empress Gold Lounge. However, the Lounge experience is only part of the service; guests in the Fairmont Gold also stay in completely renovated and up-dated rooms in the Gold part of the Fairmont Empress. While I love the heritage feel of the […]

Durable Goods

The Fairmont Empress, Victoria, BC

Last Wednesday I left Metro Vancouver and headed over to Vancouver Island to chase down a couple of the BC Liberal leadership front-runners on behalf of The Left Coast. While in Victoria I was put up in the “iconic” Fairmont Empress Hotel. Walking into a hotel lobby like the Empress is like walking back in […]