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The Leaf Experiences Part 2

As I write this blog post I am sitting in the parking lot of the Burnaby Central Secondary school in the borrowed Nissan Leaf while it is charging. I have to admit, I’ve been a little negligent and perhaps a more than a little impatient with charging the car. For example, early yesterday morning I […]


An Extended Nissan Leaf Test Drive

My bestie who happens to own a Nissan Leaf has gone to New York City for a few days. Unfortunately for him and his lovely wife, they had to be at the Vancouver airport at the ungodly hour of 0600. It is difficult at the best of times to get a ride to YVR but […]


Whistler to The Burbs Via Electric Vehicle 

Yesterday we returned in the Nissan Leaf from Whistler to our homes in the burbs of Vancouver. When we left Whistler we had almost 100% charge on the batteries after the car being plugged into a 110 volt standard electrical outlet overnight. The guess-o-meter suggested we had about 140 km of range in the batteries. […]


Whistler Beer Festival Via Nissan Leaf

My EV road trip is now in progress. I am in a Nissan Leaf headed to Whistler to take part in the beer festival. I will update as we progress. For now, here is the data as we leave home: That is 139 km of range in the batteries as we leave. And 83% charged. […]


Our Failed Electric Vehicle Trip Up the Fraser Canyon

A few weeks ago I posted about a plan to drive up the Fraser Canyon in my friend’s Nissan Leaf – an all electric vehicle. Well, as I said in my update right in that post, our EV trip up the Fraser Canyon did not happen. Not because of lack of interest or willingness, only […]


Electric Vehicles Vs Gas Powered Vehicles

Seeing as I am quite seriously considering the purchase of an electric vehicle, I decided to do some cost comparisons of electric vehicles to comparable gas powered vehicles. The four specific vehicles I chose to compare ON PAPER (I did NOT drive any of these vehicles – this is strictly a numbers comparison) were the: Mercedes […]