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Thoughts and observations on the places we go to eat, and the foods we eat, crave and see during our daily adventures.

Bighorn Sheep
In the Kitchen

Cooking a Chicken Pot Pie Almazan Kitchen Style

My daughter and I love to watch the Almazan Kitchen YouTube videos and she came up with the idea of creating her own “Almazan Kitchen” video. And, she asked me to work on the video project with her. Perhaps the most gratifying thing I have ever heard say in a very long time was when […]

Sourdough Bread
In the Kitchen

Sourdough Bread; We’re Back in Business

If you cast your mind back a couple weeks to mid to late June you may remember we had a little bit of a heat wave. And the combination of that little heat wave and the frenzy associated with the end of the school year made me forget to take care of my sourdough starter. […]

Doppio Zero Pizza
Food and Drink

A Visit to Doppio Zero Pizza

Last week when it was too hot to cook I popped into Doppio Zero Pizza for a quick bite to eat after swim lessons. And … it was a fabulous experience! My kids love watching the pizza chef shaping and stretching the pizza dough and then sliding it into the woodfired pizza oven. We started […]

Smoked Bread
In the Kitchen

Smoked Bread on the Grill

I put a ball of bread dough on the grill and “smoked” it! I put the dough on the one side of the grill with no direct heat and the foil packages of applewood chips on the other side with heat under them. The heat under the foil packets got them smoking hot – and […]

PNE Mini-Donuts
Food and Drink

Duffin’s Donuts

In honour of National Donut Day, I am reposting this one about Vancouver’s funkiest doughnut shop – Duffin’s Donuts. If I am traveling anywhere remotely close to 41st and Knight Street in Vancouver, I always make a detour to stop at the most eclectic donut shop anyone could imagine; Duffin’s Donuts. Yes, that’s a barbecue […]

McDonald's Fish and Chips
Food and Drink

McDonald’s Fish and Chips

It never fails to amaze me at what I will do for my readers. For example, three times in the last three weeks I have eaten at McDonald’s restaurants. For you. My reader.  That’s three times more in the last three weeks than in the last 20 years! My first visit back to McDonald’s was […]

McDonalds Seriously Chicken
Food and Drink

McDonald’s; Seriously Chicken

To be clear – this is NOT a sponsored post; I was not invited or enticed to visit McDonald’s and I was not provided any encouragement nor incentive to write this post. I did something I have not done for many years…I went to, and I ate at a McDonald’s restaurant! My kids are always […]

In the Kitchen

Baking Bread at the Cabin

I spent time at the family cabin over the Easter weekend and I took advantage of my time there to try making a couple loaves of bread. The first one was a French-style, quick rise bread with yeast and no sourdough. I mixed together the ingredients: water, brown sugar, yeast, and unbleached white flour. I […]