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Thoughts and observations on the places we go to eat, and the foods we eat, crave and see during our daily adventures.

Food and Drink

Lunch at the Bo Kong Restaurant in Richmond

Today, in our ongoing efforts to introduce our girls to many different forms and flavours of food, we took them to the Bo Kong Vegetarian restaurant in Richmond. Typically, when we go to restaurants that are not entirely kid/baby friendly, we get the table closest to the washroom door. Not today though. Instead we were led to a table […]

Food and Drink

The Appeal of Fisher Price Toys and Dog Chew Toys

In hindsight, I think it might have been a mistake to buy Fisher-Price baby toys and educationally stimulating things. The twins have far more interest in dog chew-toys, shoes left at the front door, the tv remote control, electrical cords, house keys, the pile of filing that is omnipresent on the corner of my desk and the cat scratching post. […]