Category: Durable Goods

  • Brave Star Selvage Denim

    Brave Star Selvage Denim

    Just as the antithesis of fast food is slow food, the denim gear from Brave Star Selvage is the opposite of fast fashion. Slow fashion, like Brave Star Selvage, approaches the production process from a more mindful perspective, considering the ethics and sustainability of every step of the supply chain. This also means that slow…

  • The Princess Auto Log Splitter

    The Princess Auto Log Splitter

    I had the opportunity to use my log splitter again. In brief, I love it.

  • I Bought a Chevy Bolt

    I Bought a Chevy Bolt

    In May of this year I decided to buy a Chevy Bolt. So I went to Carter GM in Burnaby and met with Howard the car sales guy and without ever driving a Bolt – I put a fully refundable deposit on a Metallic Ghost Grey Chevy Bolt. And then last Friday, Howard called to…

  • Buying a Replacement Vehicle for my Toyota Echo

    Well, seeing as my Toyota Echo now has more than 300,000 kilometers on it, I have decided it is time to start looking for a new replacement vehicle. With the price of gas going through the roof, I thought the logical thong to do is to buy an electric car. But then I did some…

  • Tesla Model S Test Drive

    Tesla Model S Test Drive

    I recently had the opportunity to go for an extended test drive in a Tesla Model S. In case you don’t know, the Model S is the Tesla sedan. It is a four door car that reminded me of an old school Crown Victoria. It felt big, heavy, and secure on the road. The Model…

  • Ford Maverick Follow Up

    Ford Maverick Follow Up

    Shortly after I posted about the new “compact” Ford Maverick pick up truck, the comments began to roll in. Why get a small truck when you can get a full size truck that can haul massive loads – you know, what if you need to move a huge trailer? Well, over the last 15 years…

  • Another 5 Dads Go Wild Trip Completed

    Another 5 Dads Go Wild Trip Completed

    That’s another year of #5DadsGoWild in the books. Yes, in case you missed the social media buzz created around our annual writers/creators retreat, from Thursday October 14th to Sunday the 17th we were camping in Manning Park, living what can only be described as our best life. While in the past we have had a…

  • The All New Ford Maverick Pick-up Truck

    The All New Ford Maverick Pick-up Truck

    Today Ford released details and images, including videos, of their brand new truck – the Ford Maverick. Full disclosure – I have NOT been paid for, nor compensated in anyway for writing this blog post. These are strictly the musings of a guy interested in this Maverick. This new Ford Maverick truck is a return…

  • A New Style of Marlondo Leather Briefcase

    A New Style of Marlondo Leather Briefcase

    Recently the good folks at Marlondo Leather reached out to me and told me that they were prototyping a new style of briefcase – a canvas and leather combo briefcase. And the cool part, they asked me if I was interested in getting one of their prototypes to provide feedback to them. They told me…