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Life Musings

The Knowledge Gap

Let me tell you an amusing little story to illustrate a point about a thing I’m calling the Knowledge Gap. Most mornings I leave for work quite early while my wife gets our kids ready for school. She makes them breakfast and packs a lunch for them to take to school. It’s typically a healthy […]

Life Musings

COVID-19; Techniques to Help Flatten the Curve

With all the talk about whether face masks should be mandatory or not in order to slow the spread of COVID-19, three other important “habits” have been largely ignored or forgotten about. The first thing we can all do is when we are out in the public is KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF! You do […]

Life Musings

Friday Fodder

As I mature, I often find myself saying things my dad and my grandfather would say. Today someone asked me a question about how long has something been… And instantly in my head I heard my grandfather saying, “it’s been like that since before Christ was a cowboy.” As a kid I would reply, “I […]

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White Privilege

I was at work awhile ago and for some reason we were talking at lunch about white privilege and a colleague said point blank, “There is no such thing as white privilege. I had to work damn hard to get what I have.” At the time I did not stand up to him and call […]

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I often hear people saying, “we’ll do…after things get back to normal.” What if what we are doing, or more accurately, what if what we are not doing now is the new normal?

Lawn Care
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COVID-19 Quarantine Family Fun Strategies

Most people, at least many people, are following the recommendations of our Provincial Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry and are self-isolating, quarantining themselves and their families, or at the very least, “social-distancing”. However, it seems that large numbers of people are continuing to congregate in city parks – large numbers of people congregating in close […]

Life Musings

Being Present

On the weekend one of my childhood friends passed away. He lost his battle with cancer and now he is dead. As a result, for at least one day I felt like slowing my life down and feeling every feeling and really being present. On Sunday I slowed down and let myself feel all the […]

Life Musings

Rest In Peace Kobe Bryant

As you probably already know, yesterday – early Sunday – Kobe Bryant, retired basketball superstar-hall of famer died in a helicopter crash. In the helicopter with Bryant was his daughter. She also passed away in the crash. Tragic. Truly tragic. Now the complicated part – Kobe Bryant was not a “perfect” human being. In fact, […]

#5 Dads Go Wild
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My New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

Some of my friends like Dale Allen Berg, Michael from Beyond the Rhetoric, and James, the Social Dad have been sharing via their blogs their New Year’s resolutions. Reading their resolutions got me to thinking maybe I should take the opportunity of the start of a new year to look at what changes I should […]

Dussa's Ham and Cheese
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Perspective is Everything

No end of the year wisdom or “best of” stuff from me. Just a little anecdote on how perspective is so important. Recently one of of my daughters asked me what kind of ham is my favourite. I thought for a minute or two – who has a favourite ham? Bit of an odd question […]