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Support Local
Life Musings

The Year To Support Local

I’m not one for making New Years resolutions. I find them pretty much useless. So this year instead of making any resolutions, my goal is to “support local.” But let me back up a bit and explain what I am talking about. What I have done in the past is choose a word or a […]

Lytton Creek Wildfire
Life Musings

Thoughts on Aging

You don’t stop skateboarding because you’re old – you grow old because you stop skateboarding. Add any other activity in place of skateboarding. Keep doing what you love to do!

Stress Rock
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The COVID Years

As you may remember, COVID-19 started in 2019, hence the “19” in its name. However, 2020 was the year when all the COVID stuff blew up for most of us. 2020 was when the restrictions began. Businesses like restaurants were temporarily closed, people began to work from home, hand sanitizer and face masks became ubiquitous. […]

Life Musings

The Climate Emergency and Our Response

As I have previously mentioned, my hometown of Lytton burned down. Does that not sound weird to say my hometown burn down? Well the truth is that’s what happened. Essentially all of the village including the police station, the ambulance station, the medical clinic, the hospital, the seniors care centre, the two grocery stores, the […]

Life Musings

My Cure for Insomnia

Something I haven’t talked about before is the fact that for quite some time I have been suffering experiencing insomnia. This is something I haven’t really talked a lot about. But now I have a cure for insomnia. Every night at almost exactly 3 AM I wake up. Like literally, at 3am I would wake […]

Life Musings

COVID-19 Vaccines

Good news! I got my COVID-19 vaccination. Friday night I was shopping at Costco for potato chips and Brie cheese in preparation for a long weekend of sitting on the couch and, well, continuing to do not much of anything. And as you would have it, my local Costco has the pallets of potato and […]

Wiggle Chips
Life Musings

The Knowledge Gap

Let me tell you an amusing little story to illustrate a point about a thing I’m calling the Knowledge Gap. Most mornings I leave for work quite early while my wife gets our kids ready for school. She makes them breakfast and packs a lunch for them to take to school. It’s typically a healthy […]

Life Musings

Brave Star Selvage Denim Update

A little more than a year ago I received my super-heavy Brave Star Selvege jeans. A pair of jeans made from a 21.5 ounce denim. For perspective, my unwashed “Rigid” denims from Levi’s are made from something like a 12 ounce denim. My Brave Stars are nearly twice as heavy as any of my Levi’s. […]

Life Musings

#5DadsGoWild; the 2020 Edition

Disclosure – this post contains sponsored content – we have partnered with brands for this year’s #5DadsGoWild camping trip and I mention some of those brands in this blog post. As always, editorial control of everything on this blog remains with me and is my honest opinion. If you can believe it, this is now […]