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Life Musings

Being Grateful

I have to admit, I’ve been pretty unhappy for the last little while; you know this is true if you’ve had to deal with me and listen to my rants lately. Me being miserable? Why? When I think about all the great things I have in my life – why am I miserable? The fact […]

Life Musings

Climate Action Strike 2019

As you probably know, today young people all around the world are stepping away from their studies and other responsibilities to make their elders hear the message that climate change needs to be addressed NOW. Young people often say things like “you’re robbing us of our future”. While this is true, what the adults in […]

Life Musings

Climate Change and the Future of Humanity

Scientists are saying humans have approximately 10-12 years to make massive changes to our way of life if we have any real intention of doing something to slow climate change. The most significant change that humans need to make is to stop burning carbon-based fuels – fuels such as, oil, gas, and coal. A couple […]

Life Musings

Better than Banning Plastic

I have heard the Trudeau government is moving ahead with a ban on a wide variety of single use plastic items. Good stuff. However, I have a simple proposal for dealing with all single use plastic that would be much more effective. My proposal? Make retailers responsible for all the plastic they sell or giveaway. […]

Raising Empowered Daughters

“Raising Empowered Daughters; A Dad-to-Dad Guide”

There’s an old joke amongst English teachers – as an aside, as a person who teaches English I always feel like correcting the misplaced modifier in that title, after all, people who teach English aren’t always English – but I digress. Back to the old joke. That joke? One English teacher asks another English teacher […]

Becoming an Old Man
Life Musings

The Signs of Becoming an Old Man

I recently read a tweet from @theonecrazykid and it got me to thinking – what are the signs that one has become “an old man”? And further, are we provided with an “old man cap” somewhere once we do become an old man? As often happens on Twitter, if you pose a question, serious or […]

Life Musings


Me driving along in my car waiting to pass one of those street sweeper-Zamboni-like trucks: “What a stupid waste of time, energy, and money! Why do they bother?!” Me riding my bicycle to work: “What the H-E-double hockey sticks is wrong with the people who run this city?! Why can’t they clean up all this […]

Life Musings

The Close the Gate Etiquette

There’s an etiquette, or an expectation, that when traveling in the rural parts of the country and you come across a gate, if you need to go through it, you open it. More importantly though, after going through the gate you’ve opened, you always make a point of closing the gate after you go through […]

Raleigh Retroglide Bicycle
Life Musings

Hipster or Grandfather?

Funny thing happened at work the other day; a colleague said that I look like a hipster. I thought that was hilarious because if anything, I am becoming more and more like my dad or my grandfather than anything else. As you probably know, I bake my own bread, often in cast iron pans. My […]