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Whistler Beer Festival Via Nissan Leaf

My EV road trip is now in progress. I am in a Nissan Leaf headed to Whistler to take part in the beer festival. I will update as we progress. For now, here is the data as we leave home: That is 139 km of range in the batteries as we leave. And 83% charged. […]


Our Failed Electric Vehicle Trip Up the Fraser Canyon

A few weeks ago I posted about a plan to drive up the Fraser Canyon in my friend’s Nissan Leaf – an all electric vehicle. Well, as I said in my update right in that post, our EV trip up the Fraser Canyon did not happen. Not because of lack of interest or willingness, only […]


Electric Vehicles Vs Gas Powered Vehicles

Seeing as I am quite seriously considering the purchase of an electric vehicle, I decided to do some cost comparisons of electric vehicles to comparable gas powered vehicles. The four specific vehicles I chose to compare ON PAPERĀ (I did NOT drive any of these vehicles – this is strictly a numbers comparison) were the: Mercedes […]