Celebrate Earth Day Everyday

Today being Earth Day I figured it’s a good time to give you a some tips on how your food choices can help save the earth.

One thing you can do is to eat a vegetarian meal more often than you currently do. If you eat a vegetarian meal once a week, make it twice a week.

It’s not something we often think about, but growing and processing meat, particularly beef, consumes an incredible amount of water. And there is a finite (and diminishing) amount of water available for humans on this earth.

Another thing you can do to celebrate Earth Day every day is to grow some food. If you have the ability you could have a chicken or two in your backyard and you can have them for eggs or meat.

However, the best thing to do is grow some green vegetables. Even if you only have a planter you can still grow a tomato plant. Or a cucumber plant. If you have a yard, rather than just growing lawn, plant a garden bed and grow some peas, radishes, green onions, lettuce or any of the easy things to grow.

The third thing you can do is shop local. What I mean is to shop and buy stuff that is grown or produced locally. Avoid buying things like raspberries and blueberries in January because they are traveling such great distances and that travel consumes a phenomenal amount of fossil fuels to get them to the marketplace.

These are three easy changes you can make to celebrate Earth Day every day.




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