Celebrity Century Cruises Out of Ketchikan

My days and nights aboard the Celebrity Century are beginning to blur from day into night into day. The only point of reference I hold onto is where and when we will go ashore. And yesterday we cruised out of Ketchikan, Alaska. (add photo of Ketchikan when string link to Internet is more secure)

Departing Ketchikan
Departing Ketchikan

Now, to look back at Juneau and Ketchikan, I am still surprised at the number of “fine jewelry” and watch stores available to the tourist/cruisers crowd. (add photo of 60 carat tanzanite on my hand) Who goes on a cruise to Alaska to buy a diamond or rare, expensive gems? I don’t get it.

But back on the ship. It is interesting to listen to the comments and criticisms of the other passengers I have the pleasure of spending time with. One very elderly lady complained that the artwork hanging on the walls in the stairway, elevator landing areas is not “quality” art or nice to look at. Funny thing is, I didn’t even notice that there was artwork on the landings until she mentioned it.

My observations are more about the staffing decisions. By and large, Celebrity has done a very good job of getting the right people in the right places. The best example is the young Romanian lady who works in the gelato station. (add photo of gelato station) From her early morning opening shift until she closes she is smiling and welcoming people to the ship. I asked her how she is able to stay so cheery and she told me, “I love my station. I love being able to give ice cream to people and see them smile. I LOVE my station.”

And after that, although I do not particularly like ice cream, I made a point of walking by her shop, not to get ice cream but to see her smile and get a shot of her optimism.