Change is Good

For Tricia…Anyone who knew me twenty or thirty years ago knows that I was a fiend for Led Zeppelin and Neil Young and Crazy Horse. I had a Jeep that I would drive around Kitsilano in with the top down and a 200 watt amp pumping the power to the banks of speakers that I replaced the back seat with. My hair was long, the nights were wild and the living was large. Led Zeppelin I was my album of choice and “Dazed and Confused” the track I had playing more often than not. Fast forward to another century and, my how things have changed.

Annalie is teething right now (and having some difficulty with it) so about half an hour after I put her to bed tonight she woke up screaming and rubbing her mouth. All I had to do was go up to the nursery and hold her in my arms as the CD played a very beautiful and gentle song. I held her in my arms and she relaxed, pushed her face into my chest and fell asleep as the very commercial music played.

It is the most amazing feeling to hold a small baby in your arms and feel her body relax and little sighs come out of her mouth as she begins to feel safe again. After she was relaxed and calmed I put her back in her crib, kept my hand close to the back of her head and let the music gently play as she settled into her sleep.

And you know, the schmaltzy music that played brought me more happiness than Led Zeppelin ever could have…although I would not have believed it if you had told me that back in the 80s. As they say, change is good.

Smile Tricia…and try to cheer up; there are lots of people who understand how wonderful you are. Me included.