Changing Attitudes about Christmas Day

I don’t know your feelings about this topic or issue but I am feeling quite shocked at the way that Christmas Day is now treated.

Christmas Day is one of the biggest days to open movie blockbusters. Christmas movies like “Into the Woods”, a sort of freakish remaking of all the classic and horribly disturbing children’s stories that nobody in their right mind should ever read to a kid under the age of 39. I suppose nothing says merry Christmas like a horror movie.

Another thing that surprised me was that there were 4000 people who visited the Vancouver Aquarium on Christmas Day! That’s correct, four thousand people visited the aquarium on Christmas Day.

Interestingly, the local No-Frills grocery store was closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day this year but the Shoppers Drug Mart and the Starbucks next to it were both bustling. I remember when I was a kid everything was closed on Christmas Day. Everything other than the Chinese restaurants.

I suppose the times they are a changing.