Characters on Coronation Street

If perchance you do like I do and you watch Coronation Street, a question for you; is there a character on the show that you actually like? Is there a character you feel any sympathy for?

For me the only person I have much sympathy, or is it empathy? for is Leanne,  Peter Barlow’s former partner/wife.

Other than Leanne, who would you support in a cage match? Honestly, who would not want to see that young punk David get his butt kicked by anyone, Gail get locked in the toilet of Nick’s restaurant/bar for a few episodes, Nick get … who knows what to do with this loser, Ken Barlow, the uncouth buffoon and his wife Deirdre…

Who do you like? Audrey? Carla? …


  1. I’d have to say I find Lewis the most intriguing…glad he’s back….Im sure his nice streak is only temporary!

  2. Although late to this discussion I must put in my 2 bits…or pence for that matter. Having sucked my partner Leeanne into the Coronation street vortex of captivating British crap …..quality crap that sucks you in…, we had this discussion and debate about favourite characters prompted by this blog. Fortunately we see things similarly, from liking Lloyd and Tina to getting annoyed by the mop-top hairstyles of Gail and Audrey..(there’s no way in hell I would let her touch my locks..and she calls herself a hairdresser Sheesh!). But I have to admit, I wasn’t completely honest with my newly initiated Corrie partner, who I love to bits, I’ve had a major crush on Michelle for some time now and can’t understand why that sweetie hasn’t found the right guy. Watch out Michelle for Carla’s bro. He fancies himself too much and has questionable wardrobe taste, much like the rest of the cast. Can you believe all of those phrase ladened t-shirts the guys on that soap wear? Anyway, it’s gotta be Michelle, lazy eye and all. Leeanne Barlow is too sanctimonious, considering her track record she has got a lot of nerve and Roy is too nervously quirky, Tyrone is too stupid, Jason is too good looking and thick, Eileen is very cool with her sharp wit at times, but I don’t fancy her, Stella is too over the top in her acting, Eva wears fake eyelashes and is too busting out all over, Norris …..well no way, let him get pummeled ini the cage match and so on and so forth. With 50 or so characters I could go on and on, so I’ll stop here. Looking forward to a week’s worth of recorded episodes from the Omnibus Sunday morning broadcast. With a 2 year old I no longer watch early morn and watch more late night now with Leeanne. Routines change, but Corrie still marches on. Gotta love it! Cheers

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