A Check-in For The Spud Shack Fry Co’s One Year Anniversary

It has been just over a year since The Spud Shack Fry Co opened up shop in the New Westminster Skytrain station so I thought I would drop by to see how the year went for the award winning poutine masters.

And, according to Dan Close, the owner/operator of the Spud Shack, it has been a great year. In fact, they had so many poutine buying customers walk through their shop that during their Christmas shut down week they had to replace the flooring in the restaurant! (The new flooring looks great).

The Spud Shack Poutine
The Spud Shack Poutine

To celebrate on the anniversary date of their opening, December 17th just-gone, The Spud Shack offered free poutine to ALL customers. Dan told me that they had a continuous line-up of customers at the poutine bar and they just said “Welcome to The Spud Shack, see you again soon” and handed a cone of poutine to the person.

They did this all day and at the end of the day they calculated that they had given away 600 POUNDS OF POUTINE!! 600 POUNDS!!

So what does the coming year hold for the Spud Shack? They are continuing to make their award winning poutine and they have added a couple of new items to the menu.

They added a new specialty poutine: the Buffalo Chicken with Ranch Dressing Poutine and a new sandwich choice; the Cajun Chicken sandwich. Both new menu items have proven to be popular beyond their wildest expectations.
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  2. Nathan Lowdell Avatar
    Nathan Lowdell

    I’m glad to have found this this is one of my favorite places to go every thing on the menu is great. I’m happy yo see that thy made it onto your blog. P.S we should go for a poutine some time.

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