Cheese St Grill Food Truck Post

My favourite food truck, the Cheese Street Grill is back at their regular location just outside of the Poirier Recreation Centre in Coquitlam. Now, after I exit the gym after an intense work I can once again stop and grab a grilled cheese sandwich!

Food Truck Post
Cheese St Grill

While I did not go for an intense workout in the gym today (truth be told, I am not sure that I have ever gone to a gym for an intense work out) I did manage to find time to stop and see Scott in the Cheese Street Grill food truck.

Scott set me up with a grilled three cheese sandwich on sourdough with extra caramelized onions, a mound of ham, and a dill pickle. It looked so tasty that I ate half the sandwich before I remembered to take a picture. For $11, this is still one of the best food truck values in the city.

While I was visiting with Scott he told me about an interesting new website – The Food Truck Post that he has developed. The site is designed to allow foodies to read a quick “bio” of all sorts of food trucks, see where food trucks are located, what food truck festivals and events are going on, and just as cool, the site allows people organizing events to contact food trucks directly to see what trucks might be able to come to their event.

Yes, there are other food truck apps, but so far, I am quite impressed with the way that the Food Truck Post dot com works.