Jimmy's Lunchbox

Chicken and Waffles at Jimmy’s Lunchbox in Maple Ridge

Nestled in the heart of Maple Ridge is Jimmy’s Lunchbox where you can get a variety of diner style classics including breakfast, brunch, or lunch menu items, but for me, it is their chicken and waffles that steals the show. Every. Single. Time.

At Jimmy’s Lunchbox, every dish is put together with precision and passion, reflecting their dedication to quality ingredients and innovative flavours. From the classic diner comfort foods to the more inventive brunch “skillets”, there’s something on Jimmy’s Lunchbox menu for everyone.

When I visit Jimmy’s Lunchbox I always get the chicken and waffles. This iconic dish has its roots in Southern cuisine, where it originated as a hearty breakfast or brunch option. However, its popularity has spread far beyond the Southern states and chicken and waffles is becoming increasingly common on Canadian menus.

However, before I could get my order in, one of my kids jumped in and ordered the chicken and waffles. So I figured this is my opportunity to try something new (to me) from the Jimmy’s Lunchbox menu. My choice? The corned beef breakfast skillet topped with a soft poached egg, served with sourdough toast.

That egg! It was a dreamy soft poached egg – exactly the way I wanted it. I also very much enjoyed the saltiness of the corned beef and the shredded hash browns with cheddar cheese melted into them.

My kid, who ate most of the shredded hash browns, said there was more than enough cheese melted into them. My favourite part of the skillet meal was the caramelized onions and diced green peppers which added a nice flavour making the entire dish truly delish.

We also ordered a plate of pancakes with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. They were good. To me, pancakes are pancakes.

As well as the breakfast or brunch menu, Jimmy’s Lunchbox has a variety of lunch dishes including burgers, sandwiches, and salads. To be fair, I have never tried anything beyond their brunch menu because I am hooked on their chicken and waffles!

Just look at that plate! Have you tried chicken and waffles? It is just so good. You have the savoury crunch of the crispy fried chicken, a hint of sweetness from the syrup, and the sweet comfort of the waffle that the chicken sits on. Magical. A mouthwatering experience.

At Jimmy’s Lunchbox the chicken and waffles consists of one waffle with FIVE big pieces of fried chicken. Honestly, both kids and I would have had enough to eat if we had shared the one plate of chicken and waffles. For $18 this is a very good value.

The picture above is not very flattering but I wanted to “deconstruct” the dish so that you can see the amount of chicken heaped on the plate.

Whether enjoyed as a satisfying breakfast, or a hearty brunch, chicken and waffles at Jimmy’s Lunchbox is a dish that never fails to delight taste buds and warm the heart with its irresistible combination of flavours and textures.

But Jimmy’s Lunchbox is more than just a place to enjoy a delicious meal—it’s a community hub where friends and families gather to share good food and good times. The welcoming atmosphere and attentive service create an ambiance that keeps people coming back, time and time again.

Jimmy’s Lunchbox is a gem in the heart of Maple Ridge, offering a variety of dishes that can please any appetite. With their focus on quality ingredients, creative cuisine, and warm hospitality, Jimmy’s Lunchbox is a community gem. Whether you’re a longtime patron or a first-time visitor, a meal at Jimmy’s Lunchbox is an experience not to be missed.

Jimmy’s Lunchbox is located at 22504 Lougheed Hwy in Maple Ridge.