Chicken Cordon Bleu from Farm Town Meats

We took a quick family trip to the cabin a couple of weeks ago and of course before we left I took my kids over to Farm Town Meats in Burnaby to let them choose the meat entree that we would cook for the weekend.

Farm Town Meats

They surprised me by choosing Chicken Cordon Bleu (which doesn’t look all that appetizing before it is cooked!).

Farm Town Meats

Seeing as Josh, the owner and butcher at Farm Town Meats, wants his customers to stay safe as well as be able to enjoy the meat they buy from his shop so on each package are the Cole’s Notes on how to cook the meat.

Farm Town Meats

Seeing as it is cabin-cooking, of course I use one of my classic cast iron pans to cook the chicken cordon bleu.

Farm Town Meats

The Cole’s Notes instructions say to cook the chicken cordon bleu for 45-60 minutes.

I like to be a little more scientific so I use a thermometer to check for internal temperature. And after 45 minutes I pulled the cast iron pan of chicken out of the oven, inserted thermometer and saw that it had reached 165 degrees. Done.

Farm Town Meats

And I have to admit, it was delicious. However, even though my kids chose the chicken cordon bleu – they refused to eat it! They said it “looked weird with that cheese and meat inside of meat”.

The good news? That left it all for me!!

Farm Town Meats is located at 7832 6th Street in Burnaby.