Choices and plenty of fish

I was reading the Vancouver magazine the other day. They have a profile of the nerd (uber-rich nerd that is) who started up the website, The guy is worth millions…all from Google Ads. What the hell…don’t I look genius…I start up a website to talk about being the Papa to twins. I suppose in business I would have the “not for profit” moniker.

Why did I not act on that conversation with Marky-Mark back when we were going to SFU? No word of a lie, Mark proposed this idea of a dating website with pictures of people so you would have some idea of what kind of freak was dialing your number. This was back when the Georgia Straight had a massive section of personal ads doing exactly what Plenty of Fish is now doing. I laughed at Mark. Fucking plenty of fish…just wishing it was me cashing those cheques!