Christmas Turducken for our Family Meat-Feast

I have decided, rather arbitrarily that our family Christmas feast will be centered around a Turducken. For those unfamiliar with such a beast, it is a chicken deboned wrapped inside of a deboned duck with the final outer layer of flesh of a deboned turkey.

However, such a feast can be ridiculously expensive so I am throwing a twist into our Christmas meat-feast. Mine will be a sort of do-it-yourself Turducken.

Also to keep costs down I am substituting a goose for the turkey. I am just on my way to Stanley Park to get a goose. Of course on the way back I will stop at the new Vancouver chicken shelter and adopt a chicken for the inner core of the meat-feast. And the duck, well, Trout Lake is maggoty with ducks at this time of the year, so I suppose I will stop there to get the duck!

I will post up more after I return from my meat quest.

It is now 5pm. I am home from Stanley Park and Kits Beach. Did you know that it is a federal offense to kill a Canada goose? And did you also know that Canada geese are freaking tough and mean?

I was hoping to have a picture of me like Ernest Hemingway, standing proudly displaying the fruit of my hunt. It was not to be.

And to add further indignity to the afternoon, I am sad to report that the stupid chickens that the City of Vancouver has “repossessed” are only “adopted” to homes where they will be kept as layer hens? Same with the SPCA, the rabbits they have dozens of rabbits there and they also would not give me one. How ridiculous is that?

So back to the drawing board for the DIY turducken.

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  1. I could draw you some pictures. Reality wouldn’t be exactly as shown but the reality is already a little suspect….
    Just so you know, we’re all rooting for you!

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