City Home, Suburban Home

It is interesting to see what kind of a home you can buy in downtown Vancouver compared to a suburban community like White Rock.

So I asked went on Realtor dot ca to find two homes to compare, one with a nice view in downtown Vancouver and the other with an equally nice view in White Rock.

Here are the two places I came up with.

Alberni St View
Alberni St View

For $395,000 you can have a one bedroom and den condo home that is 483 square feet. It is west of Denman in the Lord Stanley building. The view is of Burrard Inlet & the marina.

Compare that home to the White Rock home which has unobstructed views of the ocean for $399,000 and 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. You can relax while watching the sunsets from the full length balcony.

White Rock
White Rock

Both the Vancouver and White Rock condos have one parking spot.

Which one would you choose? For similar money you get 483 square feet on the door step of Vancouver’s Stanley Park or 1100+ square feet in White Rock.

White Rock or downtown Vancouver?

*Just in case you are interested in these homes, the MLS number for the White Rock home is F1305530 and the MLS number for the Vancouver condo is V1003000.

Disclosure; this blog post is simply a fun look at the real estate choices available to us in the Metro Vancouver region. In no way is this blog post an endorsement of either property.