Climate Change and the Future of Humanity

Scientists are saying humans have approximately 10-12 years to make massive changes to our way of life if we have any real intention of doing something to slow climate change.

The most significant change that humans need to make is to stop burning carbon-based fuels – fuels such as, oil, gas, and coal.

A couple random and only moderately related things about this looming problem.

First, I now believe that there is virtually no public interest in doing anything about climate change. And what made me come to that gloomy prediction?

Let me explain. On a hot and sunny day last week I was sitting in my car in a suburban parking lot waiting to pick up my daughter from her swim club practice. I had the windows open in an attempt to keep cool.

Parked beside me was a Porsche Cayenne – you know, a German engineered SUV with a strong focus on sport. They also had their windows rolled DOWN and their engine running to power their air conditioner which was blasting cool air on the lone occupant of the SUV.

Windows open, engine running, and air conditioner on. Sitting in a parking lot. Giving the earth’s atmosphere a hail and hearty “screw you”.

That, along with the fact that Ford, Dodge, and GM pick up trucks are still the top three selling vehicles in Canada tells me that Canadians really do not give a shit about climate change.

The prevailing sentiment is that “government” needs to do something about climate change. Not the folks in their Porsche SUVs or pick up trucks.

And speaking of climate change, people who discuss climate change often say things like, “climate change is going to lead to the end of planet earth.”

Actually no it isn’t. Earth, the chunk of rock orbiting around the sun will survive. It will continue to orbit around the sun. Like Venus does. A burning hot lump of uninhabitable rock orbiting around the sun.

It is the people who will not survive. At least most of them won’t survive on a planet with a climate more similar to Venus than a climate like the earth we currently know and enjoy.

Unfortunately I don’t think people really even care about climate change. There is more of the “I’m alright Jack” attitude than anyone will ever admit. And that is going to be the way of the future – there will actually be very few who are “alright”, and there will be a herds of humans who are desperate enough to do virtually anything just to survive.

We’ve got some really tough choices to make. Do we want to get serious about stopping or even slowing climate change or do we want to turn planet earth into a Venus-lookalike.

We still have a choice. But not for long.