Ramen Bella

Comfort Food at Ramen Bella

Ramen Bella

Last week on a cold and rainy night, one of my kids said, “Let’s go to Ramen Bella for some ramen. Ramen makes everything better!”

Who am I to argue with such pure and beautiful logic? So we headed down past Coquitlam Centre mall, over to Westwood and into Ramen Bella for some simple and comforting ramen.

My daughter and I both ordered the chicken miso ramen; firm noodles, creamy chicken broth, miso flavor, three pieces of deep fried chicken thigh, green onions, garlic flakes, nori flakes, and a half ajitama egg.

Ramen Bella

The broth is out of this world for flavour. Rich. Creamy. Flavour. So. Good. I don’t have words for it, but I will say that the colder and wetter it is outside, the better the broth seems to taste. It warms the soul.

We also ordered a side of the pork and veggie filled gyozas. Pure yum.

Ramen Bella

The crunch of that deep fried wrapper and then the soft and creamy, filling of pork and veggie…wow. Just lovely.

Ramen Bella

Ramen Bella is a great little local gem hidden in the corner of a strip mall near Michael’s craft store in Port Coquitlam. If you are in the area, give them a try. They are worth it.

  • Ramen Bella: 2755 Lougheed Highway, Port Coquitlam – like I said, beside the Michael’s craft store.