Community against Preventable Injuries

Last night I met with the people behind the campaign called, “Community against preventable injuries”. They provided me with a fact sheet that made my hair curl…its a figure of speech people. Did you know that preventable injuries are THE leading cause of death for British Columbians between the ages of one and 44? Did you also know that preventable injuries claim the lives of more children in BC than all other causes combined?

These are deaths caused by shit we can avoid…or prevent…preventable injuries! Things like texting while driving, kids running out from between parked cars and get smucked by a moving car, unsafe use of ladders, putting chairs on top of tables to reach those high places in our homes. Think before you act! These things can be prevented!

Every year 440,000 British Columbians are injured and another 1200 are killed (like dead man, killed dead…end) by predictable, preventable injuries. If you were able to predict what the 6/49 lottery numbers would be would you act on that ability? Of course you would. So think about the fact that these injuries and death are predictable! You can predict where and when they will occur. So THINK before you ACT!!

Just gotta send that super important text while your on your way to the grocery store? Why not, after all there is nobody on the road…until that kid who is late for school steps out from behind that parked van. You are looking down and…you have shit on more than one life. You could have predicted that situation. THINK.

Preventable injuries and death can be predicted and can therefore be prevented. Save a life, think before you act.


  1. Hi Stacey,

    it was so nice to meet you at the event. thanks for your support and those like you, we are getting the message out to people about The Community and preventable injuries. I know for myself, on Halloween night, I was extra careful driving aroundb because I was very aware of the kids that might be out on the road.

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