Competitive Twin Support Groups

Who knew that Twin Support Groups were competitive? Groups “kick-out” members for “violations” and other groups try to poach members? This semi-secret society system is even more cloak and dagger than the mysterious Masonic societies.

Some Twin Groups charge a membership fee for who knows what while others do not charge. Some invite mothers only…mothers who are instructed to leave their twins at home! Some of them meet at 6 or 7 pm. For most parents of twins that is the witching hour…kids are tired, hungry and cranky. Parents are in a similar or worse condition. And you are supposed to leave your wee ‘uns at home or with a sitter to go to a “Support Group”?

The Twin Support Group we recently met has none of the listed problems. The handful of parents we met (yes, I was welcomed, even though I am a father, not a mother) were genuinely friendly and welcoming. It was very reassuring to walk into another twinner household and see Kirkland baby wipes, the tiny jars of baby food and, gasp…baby formula!! We felt so much better to know that we are not the only parents who do not craft small batches of our own baby food and dare to feed our wee ‘uns formula. And not just any formula but (double gasp) big box store (good old Costco comes through again) no name formula!!

Of course there is still a little of the competitive edge in our Support Group. We divided our babies up into weight classes and took a bunch of the household furniture, baby gates and assorted detritus and created a sort of UFC octagon. We took turns placing our babies in the octagon to see who would “tap-out” first. I’m not too proud to admit that neither of my girls won their weight classes. With practice I suppose they will do better.

The Twin Support Group society…another thing that you have to experience to understand. Beautiful.