Condo Rentals on Kaua’i

After leaving the comfort of the Sheraton at Poi’Pu we headed north to a privately owned condo and then a condo managed by a professional management team. There were significant differences in the way the two condos were operated.

Condo View
Condo View


The view from both condos was beautiful partly because they are situated right on a golf course.

While the view from the privately owned and operated condo was just as beautiful as the professionally managed condo, everything inside seemed petty and “negative.”

Posted all over inside were hand scrawled notes warning the renter of the dire consequences attached to any misdemeanour. For example, there is an AC unit in the master bedroom. On top of the AC unit is a remote used to control the unit.

First off, there is a note letting the renter know that there is no need to use the AC unit because it is not that hot and further, electricity is very expensive. There is another note warning any resident that if they lose the remote control for the AC unit they will be charged $600.

AC Remote
AC Remote

There is another note telling renters to shut off any light in any room they are not in because, once again, electricity is expensive. In all I counted seven notes warning me of the consequences that would befall me for any misdeed.

Sure, it is true that electricity is expensive and we should not leave lights on in rooms we are not in and all that, but the tone of the notes felt like someone was standing over our shoulders nagging us.

On the other hand, the professionally managed condo had a binder on the dining room table with a very cheerful welcome letter and a quick “how-to” guide for the condo.

It is difficult to describe the differences primarily because it is just the feeling that it gave me. The feeling I received from the privately owned condo was one of a nagging old fart looking over my shoulder.

The professionally managed condo felt welcoming and cheerful. If that makes any sense at all.

Lessons learned? In the future I would not book with a privately owned condo. Sure, many of them are probably just as positive and cheery as the professionally managed ones. Bottom line, in the future I would book with a professionally managed condo rather than a privately owned unit. Just my opinion.





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  1. casacaudill Avatar

    Found your blog looking for Alaska cruise inspiration.

    Hawaii is a frequent destination of ours, both Kauai and The Big Island. On Kauai we tend to go with a professionally managed condo in Princeville, but we had EXCELLENT luck with a privately owned condo in Waikoloa Beach Resort on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island in 2010. Quite possibly the nicest, most well-outfitted condo I’ve ever rented. I definitely recommend you read the review of previous travelers; that’s how I know to avoid the crazies like the one you encountered above.