Connecting a Chromebook to the Internet

Chromebooks are dandy devices but they work most effectively if you have Wi-Fi. However, the reality is that not all classrooms in all schools have total Wi-Fi coverage.

If you want to connect a Chromebook to the Internet and you do not have Wi-Fi coverage you can still “hardwire” the Chromebook into your school network. 

To connect your Chromebook to your school network, unplug the network cable (the network cable is the one that looks like a heavy duty phone cord) from the back of your desktop computer. 

You then plug the network cable into a “dongle” that plugs into a USB plug in your Chromebook.

If you are lucky, you can get a “network to USB” dongle from the tech department of your school. 

The “network cable to USB connecter” can also easily be obtained from a store like Best Buy or London Drugs. They are not expensive – no more than $10 or $15. 

That’s it. Your Chromebook is now connected to the school network.