Consultants and Parasites

I have heard it said that a consultant is a person who comes into your business and immediately and systematically removes all the clocks and devices that you use to tell what time it is. Once all the clocks have been removed, you are wholly dependent on the consultant to know what time it is.

With parenting “consultants” it is a little bit different. They come into your home and tell you everything you are doing is wrong and tell you how you should be doing things. They then present you with an invoice for $400 or $500.

Yes, I speak from experience. And by the way, can anyone tell me what time it is?

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  1. My parenting consultant charges nothing, but makes it up by demanding I buy her birthday and Christmas presents. Not only that, but demands I call every week to get another “consultancy” and insists that I send my children to private, intensive, week-long coachings at least once a year. They are insidious.

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