“Cook Your Life” at the Gateway Theatre

Following last year’s ground-breaking inaugural year, Gateway Theatre is thrilled to bring back the Gateway Theatre Pacific Festival, showcasing in Richmond BC the best contemporary theatre Hong Kong has to offer.

One of the theatre events in the Gateway Theatre Pacific Festival that is of particular interest to me combines two of my passions: food and live theatre. It’s a show called Cook Your Life and it will be taking place from September 17 – 19, 2015 during the Gateway Theatre Pacific Festival.

May May Chan
May May Chan

In the Cook Your Life show, solo performer May Chan cooks live onstage while she draws funny and insightful parallels between food and relationships.  The show incorporates a 4-D theatre approach where the audience can see, hear, smell, and taste the experience!

The multi-sensory show revolves around a woman whose compromises in the kitchen (her partner’s love for spicy food is one she doesn’t share) extend to her relationships as well.

Cooking live on stage while interacting with the audience, MayMay makes funny and insightful analogies between food and love, inviting us to taste the emotion in her food while challenging us to experience the bitter along with the sweet.

This lighthearted (and mouth-watering) play is a thoughtful reflection on the complications modern women face when it comes to love and relationships.

Cook Your Life!
Cook Your Life!

Cook Your Life is a comedic solo show created, produced, directed and performed by MayMay Chan, who joined Bravo Theatre as Artistic Director in 2003.

May is also a seasoned cook herself, with her own cooking channel in Hong Kong.

Cook Your Life, produced by Bravo Theatre, and co-produced by Take It Easy Theatre can be seen September 17 – 19 at 8pm on the Gateway MainStage. Tickets to the Cook Your Life performance can be obtained by visiting the Gateway Theatre’s website.