Bighorn Sheep

Cooking a Chicken Pot Pie Almazan Kitchen Style

My daughter and I love to watch the Almazan Kitchen YouTube videos and she came up with the idea of creating her own “Almazan Kitchen” video. And, she asked me to work on the video project with her.

Perhaps the most gratifying thing I have ever heard say in a very long time was when she said, “It is SO COOL that my dad will work on this project with me!”

I asked her what she meant by that comment and she replied that “Most dads are very strict and just say no to strange ideas.”

That was an interesting response. Number one, is this true of most dads? And how does she know what “most dads” are like?

At any rate, in this video project, my daughter was the director and videographer and I was the actor being directed by her.

She had me prepare and cook a pretty amazing chicken pot pie over a campfire – a fire that was a total pain to get and keep going! We also made a Caesar salad.

She is pretty pleased with her success and is already planning a follow up video project. She also “directed” the final edits and insisted that we add in the “outtakes” and bloopers.