Cooking a Strip Loin Steak

Yesterday in my blog post about the Gammon bacon I mentioned the other piece of meat that I took along on my weekend trip to my cabin – the boneless strip loin steak from Meat Craft Urban Butchery

The strip loin was just over 13 ounces and honestly, it was enough to easily feed two people.

I like steaks cut thick and one of the best things about having a real butcher in the neighborhood is that you can ask for and typically get meat cut the way that you want it cut.

So this beast of a steak was more than an inch and a quarter thick and 8″ in length. It was magnificent.

To cook it, seeing as I do not have a grill or a barbecue at my cabin (what’s up with that, right?) I decided to cook the steak under the broiler in the electric stove.

As an aside, the stove that I cook with at my cabin is the electric stove my grandparents bought when they switched from a wood cookstove in their Burnaby house to an electric stove way back when. And you know, the stove still works really well!!

Seeing as I did not have a barbecue or grill, I cooked the steak in a cast iron frying pan under the broiler of the stove. To do this I put the pan in the oven under the broiler and turned the broiler on.

Once the broiler had the pan and the oven molten hot, I took the pan out, set the strip loin in it and put it back under the broiler. I also had my iPhone timer set for 5 minutes and as soon as I had the steak under the broiler I touched the timer to give me 5 minutes.

After the 5 minutes was up I took the pan and steak out of the oven, flipped the steak over (using my uber-useful tongs) and put it back in the oven and touched the timer for another 5 minutes.


After the second 5 minutes was up, I took the pan with the steak out of the oven and set it on the stove top to let the meat rest before cutting into it.

As I said before, the steak was big enough to feed two people so the fact that it cost me $19 is not such a big deal. The beef from Meat Craft Urban Butchery is from grass fed cattle raised on farms or ranches where the owners care about the welfare of their animals.

Another consideration is that I can get the steak cut to my exact specifications which makes me a very happy customer.

And the fact is, with just a grind of pepper and a generous sprinkle of kosher salt, the strip loin was one of the most incredible tasting and tenderest steaks that I have ever eaten.

I bought this steak and the Gammon bacon from Meat Craft Urban Butchery but the reality is, there are other butchers like Windsor Meats or Hopcott Farms around the city.

When you want a special meal, splurge and go to a butcher. Have them help you pick a quality cut of meat to cook and share with your loved ones. I understand that not everyone can do this every day but for that special occasion, treat yourself right! Enjoy!!