Cooking the Gammon Bacon

Before heading out of town for a weekend at my cabin I visited the folks at Port Moody’s Meat Craft Urban Butchery to get some meat to take along.  

I bought four slices of Gammon bacon and a monstrous strip loin steak (more about that piece of meat tomorrow).

Although it is more expensive than grocery store bacon, the $4 I paid for these four slices of Gammon bacon was definitely money well spent.

Gammon bacon is a combination of what Canadians call “back bacon” and a strip of regular bacon.

I cooked the bacon in a cast iron pan with the stove set to medium-high heat. The back bacon cooked a little slower than the strip of bacon so it was more crispy than I usually do.

Once the back bacon was just about finished, I cracked two eggs into the pan and did them up over easy.

The back bacon part of the Gammon bacon had a rich, ham-like taste to it. It was amazing.

And honestly, four slices was probably too much for one person and would have been enough for two people.

The Gammon bacon was a nice little treat for myself on my weekend away at the cabin.

If you want to try some unique bacon or quality meats, visit Meat Craft Urban Butchery at 114 Moody Street in Port Moody. They will set you up with whatever your heart desires!




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