Costco’s Awesome Customer Service

All too often I write about businesses that have customer service failures. Today, I am writing about customer service positives.

We shop at Costco for large quantities of household goods like diapers. The boxes of diapers are stacked near the optical department in the Burnaby Costco. More often than not we shop with our twins with us, because of that we usually stop with the twins and say hello to Sarah who works in the Costco optical department.

Awhile ago Blonde Bear grabbed my glasses off my face and before I knew what was happening, she threw them down. Her hand can dart out with viper-like speed and grab stuff more quickly than my hand can stop her (my reactions are improving with this training).

Anyway, the lens popped out of one side and the frame was pretty badly twisted. I thought this was as good a time as any to get a new pair of glasses. So we stop in to see Sarah in the Burnaby Costco. I pick out my new frames, do the paperwork and all that stuff. Sarah tells me it will be a week to ten days before they are ready. For the price, I am more than happy.

Three days later Sarah calls me to tell me my new glasses are ready and to tell me that the Huggies diapers in that Costco are on a massive price reduction…from $45 for 200 down to $26.

Say what you want about Big Box retailers but I was very impressed with the speed at which my new specs were completed and doubly impressed with the price; a price that was half the cost of some other large glasses retailers.

And I was also impressed with the fact that someone inside a Big Box retailer like Costco remembers things about the individual customers and took the time to call me to let me know that diapers were on a price reduction.

We ended up buying five boxes of diapers which saved us close to $100. Pretty awesome customer service!!