COVID-19; Techniques to Help Flatten the Curve

With all the talk about whether face masks should be mandatory or not in order to slow the spread of COVID-19, three other important “habits” have been largely ignored or forgotten about.

The first thing we can all do is when we are out in the public is KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF!

You do not need to touch everything in the store. Think – if I touch this, I have to buy this. And then only touch the stuff you actually do want to buy.

As well as not touching stuff in a store or shop, STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE!

The fact is, you probably aren’t going to listen to me about not touching all the things in the store or shop so you will undoubtedly have germs on your hands. And if you touch your face, particularly around your eyes, nose and mouth, you are carrying the germs from the stuff in the shop directly into your body.

Do you know who else has touched that stuff you are reaching out to touch? Other dirty people who don’t care about your health or flattening the COVID-19 curve.

So stop touching yourself. Especially your face. And DO NOT EVER put the end of a pen or pencil in your mouth! Eww. Exponential ewww. Disgusting.

And even though I have already told you to not touch the stuff in the store and I have told you to not touch your face with your hands or that disgusting pencil, you probably will do it anyway.

If you do touch yourself or put that disgusting pencil in your mouth, well, I have got no other words for you. You are on your own.

However, if you are prone to touching your face with your hands, there is one more fall-back safety thing you can do. You can WASH YOUR HANDS – frequently, and thoroughly.

Sing happy birthday a couple of times, sing that Let It Go song from Frozen, or whatever you want. Just wash your hands thoroughly and carefully.

And of course, wear a mask if you can’t keep more than 2 metres away from people. Please. Wear. A. Mask.

And in the words of BC’s Provincial Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry, be kind, be calm, be safe.

And finally, wash your hands. Frequently and carefully.