COVID-19 Vaccines

Good news! I got my COVID-19 vaccination.

Friday night I was shopping at Costco for potato chips and Brie cheese in preparation for a long weekend of sitting on the couch and, well, continuing to do not much of anything.

And as you would have it, my local Costco has the pallets of potato and tortilla chips piled near the pharmacy. So I’m walking along and I see all these old people sitting on chairs.

Of course curiosity got the better of me and I asked one old lady if they were sitting there waiting for vaccinations at the Costco pharmacy. She said she’d just got hers done and she was just waiting the post-vaccination 15 minutes.

Little known fact about – I’m hyper-sensitive about getting any needle jabbed in me. Hyper-sensitive.

The old woman said to me, “You should check, they’re doing a few walk-ins right now before they close up for the night. And the needle doesn’t hurt at all!”

So I figured, if it doesn’t hurt, no harm in asking about the process. Next thing I knew, I was in the chair filling out a few pieces of paperwork confirming I wasn’t pregnant nor breast feeding … and then I got the jab.

Remember how I said I’m hyper-sensitive about needles? I told this to the pharmacist and I added that “I can’t look when you do the injection.”

She says, “it’s already done!”

I honestly didn’t even feel it.

And that old lady who encouraged me to ask about the vaccines? We started chatting in the post-vaccine waiting period and it ends up she’s 2 years younger than me!

She was probably looking at me thinking “that scared old man!”

As an aside, someone asked if I was concerned about getting the shot. I said I’m more concerned about the risk of getting COVID than I am of any risk from the vaccine.

If you live in Metro Vancouver and you are between 55 and 65 years of age, you can either check the Costco website or try walking in to see where they are at.

Get the vaccine if you can! It doesn’t hurt at all. Really!