Creating Content for my YouTube Channel

Can you imagine in the old days I would post to this blog 3, 4, 5 times a week? Yes, I was committed and I made sure that I was creating content for this blog. My how things have changed.

The last time I posted here was March 9th. Almost two months ago. Ugh. What I have discovered is that I only have so much creative energy. Energy to create content. And, creating content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and now YouTube has drained me. I just can’t.

So I have been scaling back. I mothballed my A Dad in the Burbs Facebook page. I quit Twitter – and then restarted it.

The platform I have been committing my creative energy to has been YouTube. Not only am I creating a weekly video of the antics I get up to while on the family homestead, I am also sharing my dad jokes on YouTube in the new Shorts format. That is a lot of fun and does get loads of views.

However, my passion is the weekly video I create for my YouTube channel. My latest video is linked below here.

My plan for going forward is to share on this blog a link to my weekly YouTube content. However, if I disappear from my blog again, feel free to check out my YouTube channel for updates and interesting (interesting to me at least!) adventures and misadventures.