Crowd Sourcing a New Family Car

As many of my followers know, I have been searching for a new family car for quite some time. I have taken a Ferrari Maranello for a test run, a Mercedes Serenity and I even had guest poster Lee-Anne tell her story of how they came to their decision to purchase a Kia Soul.

Ferrari Maranello
Ferrari Maranello

I have to admit, I am getting tired of trying to figure out what kind of car to take out next! Everything I recommend to my Sweetheart is overruled. I have no idea what to do. I have no idea what the nbext car should be…well, I actually do know but because it is coming from me, Sweetheart overrules my choice.

So here is my thinking; YOU can decide what car I should take out for the next test drive.

You can do a little bit of research to let me know which car you think would be the best car for my family. To do that research, visit AutoBlog for Canada car reviews, read up on the car you want me to take out and then in the comment section of this thread paste a link to the car YOU think would be appropriate as my next family car.

I will then do everything I can to do my Life In The Burbs-style review of the car or truck that my followers want me to take out. So over to you; what is the next car I should consider for the family car?


  1. We went from a Mazda3 to a Mazda cx7 (would have liked cx9 but we have one kid so didn’t need ALL that seating and prefer the trunk space over extra row of seats) We love it…. but not sure it’s the style you are seeking.

    • Would a roof rack and Thule interfere with the solar panel on the roof of the Prius?

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