Cultural and Music Events Information

Now that our kidlets are a little bit older and a tiny bit less needy, Sweetheart and I are able to get out of the house a little more often and take in cultural events.

Of course we love our lazy Sunday summer afternoon matinees at Vanier Park taking in the Bard on the Beach performances and of course we used to love our excursions to the Arts Club theatre on Granville Island.

When we first started dating, we enjoyed romantic evenings out together. We loved to go for dinner at Bishop’s on 4th Ave and then head over to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre to attend whatever opera the Vancouver Opera was performing at that time. Ahhhh…the good old days of getting out and about.

Now that we live out in the ‘burbs, as a cost – and time – saving measure we have begun to enjoy first class performances at our local theatre, the Evergreen Cultural Centre. Time-saving because we do not have to face the commute to downtown Vancouver for theatre.

So now that we do have a little more freedom but a lot less disposable income (you try raising two kids, two cats and dog in the ‘burbs!) to get out of the house and see performances again, I have been exploring how to get deals on shows that are on in and around town.

Although I was spending time searching for deals by searching ticket vendors and other publications like the Georgia Straight, I have found a way to get access to information AND deals on shows – TD music deals.

All you have to do is sign up, set your preferences as to where and what kind of shows you want information about, whether you want community events, cultural shows, Live Nation shows or whatever, and they will email you the information.

Now that I have found this cool little resource, you can bet that I will be taking Sweetheart out to see some cultural and musical shows during this coming summer.