Customer Satisfaction with ATC Landscaping and Country Tire

A couple of stories of total customer satisfaction today. The first one involves a fence for our backyard and the other, tires for the family car.

Our backyard is fenced on three sides, but not on the front – the side facing out to the front street. As soon as we go into the backyard with the twins, they run to the front, where the busy street is. So the call went out for estimates to close off the fourth side of the yard.

After a couple of false starts we called ATC Landscaping. Steve took our call. He said that he would come around and look at the job on Saturday morning at 10.

Saturday morning at 9:30 Steve called to say that he would be around in half an hour. And half an hour later, knock-knock at the door. We went out back where he measured the spots where we wanted the fence to go. He asked me about the purpose of the fence and what height we wanted. He told me about the options we had for the grade of the fence panels and asked me about what size of gate we wanted.

Back gate westside of house
Back gate westside of house

Once he had answered all my questions and I had answered all his, he told me that he would email me an estimate. And sure enough, later in the day the estimate was there in my email inbox. An estimate that fit our budget.

Fast forward a few days and Steve shows up, exactly when he said he would. He introduced me to the two guys he was leaving behind to do the job and told me that he would be available if I had any questions.

Anyway, later in the day we returned home to find the fence in place, exactly as we wanted it and a pile of yard waste that was too heavy to throw over the fence into the neighbour’s yard all gone. An all around professional job by the guys from ATC Landscaping.

Fence from inside
Fence from inside

Steve, the owner, I believe, had an absolutely professional approach to his customers (me and my Sweetheart) and the work that he lined up for us. Very impressive!

The other customer service success story had to do with getting new tires for the family car. “New” new tires cost about $110 each and after having spent all my money on the fence, I didn’t have the $500 to get new-new tires. So I started calling auto-wreckers and used tire stores. I won’t bore you with the calls I made to the shops who didn’t have the time to help me. However I will say that I finally got Martin from Country Tire in Surrey on the phone.

I asked if they had any good quality winter or all-season tires for our family sedan. He went out to the yard and said that yes, in fact they did have a set for me. Two fronts with 90% tread left and two for the rear of the car with 80% tread left. He told me that installation is on a first-come, first serve basis. I said I would be at the shop in an hour and a half.

When I arrived the place was swarming with customers and employees. A car would be wheeled into the shop and like the race car pit crews, the car would go up in the air, the wheels would come off the car, the tires would be stripped off the wheels, replacement tires would be put on, rolled over to the guy doing the balancing and then back to the car where they were re-installed on the car. All this done by a team of guys wearing black Carhartt bib overalls and and black t-shirts.

As soon as a car backed out a guy who looked like he was an ambassador for the Easy Rider magazine asked if I had been helped yet. I said no, but that I spoken to a guy called Martin. Mr Big took me into the yard where the tires are stacked and he picked out four tires for our car.

Back to the car, he looked at the rear tires on the car and told me to not bother replacing them. He matched up a good set for the front of the car and next thing I knew the pit crew were doing their thing to the front of my car. Minutes later I was back on King George Boulevard with new-used tires on the car.

I wanted to take a picture of the tire place but I just could not figure out how to capture in a picture all the madness that was going on. And besides, it really did not look like the kind of place where the people would necessarily want their picture taken. I’m just saying.

Two awesome customer service experiences that I have had in the last little while. I love being able to share successes. Great stuff.

Disclosure; I have received no incentive or financial reward for writing this blog entry. I am not obligated nor expected to write this blog entry about ATC Landscaping or Country Tire. In any blog post I write or publish on my site, I retain editorial control at all times. Should you have any questions or concerns, contact me at





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