Customer Service Failure and Successes

Customer service is a tricky business. You’ve heard the funny store about the rookie store clerk getting trained. The manager says, “Rule number one is, the customer is always right. Rule two, if the customer is wrong, refer to rule number one.” Well I do not necessarily agree with that philosophy but I do understand where it comes from.

Just after Christmas time my Sweetheart’s mobile phone plan ended and a few weeks later mine did as well. Seeing as she is my Sweetheart, she gets what she wants, most of the time, anyway. She wanted an iPhone 4. So we visited every Bell store in the Metro area until we ended up in the Bell store in Lougheed Mall. The guy in the store added her name to a list for the following Tuesday when the iPhones were coming in. He also said that if we came in on Wednesday instead of Tuesday that he would be there and he could show us (her) how to use the fancy new iPhone. We agreed.

The following Wednesday we went to the store and they did have a new iPhone for her. He collected the money from us, showed us how to turn the phone on and then walked away so that he could chat with other staff members.

I said, “Hey dude, you said you would show us how to use this phone.”

“Sure, you just have to play around with it a little bit and you will get used to it.” And he returns to chat with his colleagues. Total and complete customer service fail.

I decided right there and then that even though I was going to be buying myself a new Bell smartphone I was not going to buy it from this loser.

Later that week I went out to the Bell Store in Coquitlam Centre where I met Ryan Mackenzie. Ryan took the time to discuss my many options for a new smartphone. Once I felt fully informed I decided on the Samsung Galaxy Vibrant.

Ryan then took the time to instruct me on nearly every aspect of the phone. He transfered my contacts and data from my Blackberry to my new Samsung, showed me how to set-up my email, access my email, Twitter, Facebook, and both my blogs. In short, he went above and beyond in his desire to make me a satisfied customer.

The end result of his exemplary customer service was that he created in me a customer who is much more loyal to Bell, his employer. And really what did it take for him to do this? A bit of his time. A bit of his time to make me a more loyal customer. That is what good customer service can do.

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  1. That’s very similar to my experience. Same store (Bell at Lougheed) was terrible. My follow up experience was similar too, only at the Yaletown Roger’s store. As you point out, good customer service is the first step to the next sale.

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