Customer Service Pet Peeve; Don’t Say NO to the Customer

One of the things that really annoys me is when I walk into a store and ask for something and the first response from the salesperson is, “No, we don’t have that.”

Typically if I hear that I say, “Thanks, well then I guess I will have to take my money somewhere else.”

The other day I needed some MSG-free veggie stock cubes. My Sweetheart has bought it from a local deli before so I felt pretty comfortable going into the deli and asking where it was kept on their shelves.

Her response? “We don’t sell that stuff.”

Instead of my standard reply, I said, “My Sweetheart was in here last week and bought some. She told me that in fact you do sell it here. She¬†bought¬†some here last week.”

Believe it or not she said to me, “Nope, we don’t sell that stuff and never have.”

I turned away from the “No-person” and asked another person working in the deli where they have the veggie stock cubes. She pointed to a shelf where there were no less than five different brands or bases (beef, chicken, lobster, veggie).

I then turned back to the first person and said, “So I guess we BOTH now know for sure that in fact this store DOES sell veggie stock.”