Dats Deli Meats Recall Widens…and Add in Some Freybe Meat Products

Bad news for the meat eating crowd; more deli meats are being recalled due to Listeria contamination.

Freybe brand Ham Suelze that was purchased prior to July 28 should not be eaten, says the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

In what I find to be a troubling aspect of this recall, Freybe products, like the Dats Déli meat are likely to be repackaged at the point of purchase, so the name of the manufacturer and best-before date may not be on the package.

Also, the recall of Dats Déli products, which began last week, has now been extended to include 29 items with best-before dates prior to Sept. 3.

Products packaged under the names Les Caprices d’Al Adhba, Les Viandes Soleil and Le Bifthèque are also included in the recall.

These meat products werea sold at deli counters in Ontario and western Canada through major grocery chains and smaller delicatessens.

To learn more about this food recall, and a frightening number of other food recalls, visit the Canada Food Inspection Agency website.

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